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Project Scope

Facilitation & Delivery

As an expert in instructional design, I bring a wealth of experience to the realm of facilitation and delivery. With a background in public speaking and facilitation, I mentor teams to deliver high-impact presentations both in person and remotely. My approach involves honing communication skills, fostering engagement, and tailoring content to captivate audiences. Through a strategic blend of adult learning principles, I ensure that every presentation is not just informative but also an enriching learning experience.

Business Plan

Coaching Initiatives 

In the realm of coaching, I take a hands-on approach to crafting and delivering coaching solutions for learning and development teams. My expertise extends to conducting needs analysis, providing a structured framework for coaching, and ensuring scalability. I work closely with teams to understand their unique challenges, tailoring coaching programs that align with organizational goals. By integrating adult learning theories, I empower teams to evolve and thrive through a personalized and impactful coaching experience.

Support Group

Project Management & Agile Learning Design

As a certified Scrum Master with a robust background in Project Management, I bring a dynamic and agile approach to the realm of learning design. Leveraging the principles of Scrum, I excel in guiding teams through iterative processes to deliver impactful learning prototypes. My agile methodology ensures adaptability, allowing for swift adjustments based on feedback and evolving project requirements. Through effective collaboration and transparent communication, I navigate projects seamlessly, delivering high-quality learning experiences that align with organizational goals. My commitment to agile learning design not only enhances efficiency but also fosters innovation and continuous improvement within the realm of instructional design.

Project Meeting

Learning Management Systems

With a focus on Learning Management Systems, I specialize in assisting corporations in migrating to LMS software and seamlessly integrating LMS structures into their organizations. My extensive experience involves managing content within multiple LMS software, ensuring a smooth flow of learning materials. By leveraging my expertise in instructional design, I facilitate a cohesive learning experience within the digital landscape, maximizing the potential of technology to enhance the overall learning journey.


Learning Modalities

Diversity in learning modalities is a cornerstone of my approach to training. I excel in leading and creating training programs that cater to different learning styles. Embracing technology, I leverage its potential to reach a diverse audience, ensuring accessibility for all learners, including those with disabilities. My commitment to inclusivity and adaptability allows me to design training that resonates with every participant, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive.

VR Games

Logistics & Event Execution

In the domain of logistics and event execution, I showcase my proficiency in meticulously planning and executing the behind-the-scenes aspects of training events. Drawing on my experience in hosting and delivering training seminars, I curate onboarding events with precision. From scheduling to resource allocation, I ensure that every logistical detail is seamlessly orchestrated, creating an environment conducive to effective learning and engagement.


Vendor Trainings

My skill set extends to creating and facilitating training for offshore partners and support teams through vendor training. I excel in effective collaboration with stakeholders, coordinating and hosting training initiatives that align with organizational objectives. Through a dynamic approach, I ensure that offshore teams are equipped with the knowledge and skills essential for success, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.

Group Calls

Design Thinking

At the core of my approach to crafting unique training solutions is a deep understanding of design thinking. This foundational principle shapes my methodology, allowing me to empathize with learners, define challenges, ideate creative solutions, and iteratively refine training programs. Through design thinking, I foster innovation, ensuring that each learning experience is not only effective but also resonates with the unique needs and perspectives of the audience.

Design Book

Quality Assurance

With a meticulous eye for detail, I focus on integration of quality assurance benchmarks for training initiatives, ensuring that every program aligns with organizational objectives and maximizes key performance indicators (KPIs). My approach integrates the Kirkpatrick Method, emphasizing evaluation at every stage to understand the effectiveness of training programs. By implementing evaluation measures upfront, I ensure that data-driven insights are readily available, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the impact of training on learner performance and organizational goals.

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Kevin Lopez

I design with purpose.

Having worked for some of the world’s top brands, I understand what success can look like. I also understand the significance of an iterative approach to learning design. Above all else, my work focuses on understanding issues that can be solved through training from the ground up. I aim to understand your organization to foster transformative change.

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